Mandalay Remodeling

is the only high-end luxury home remodeling in the Dallas Metroplex area with a more than 10-year relationship with Val Biktashev, master Feng Shui expert and acclaimed author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui.

Classical Feng Shui studies the environment, buildings, and people and how the “qi,” or “chi,” of each interacts over time. It is a complex, yet fascinating practice that takes years to fully comprehend and master.

Mandalay Remodeling consults Master Val on every home design so that everything from the foundation to the angle of the roof is set in harmony, hopefully bringing peace and fortune to the family who lives there.

The practice of Feng Shui is being used by an increasing number of architects, interior designers and community planners to design homes and communities that will remain pleasing for years to come.